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Poem: "Shiver in Awareness"

These are the content notes for "Shiver in Awareness."

"Just the sensation of having one man touching her and the other watching made her shiver in awareness."
-- Savannah Stuart, Claiming Her Warriors

Soulmarks appear in various forms. The parameters for Eloquent Souls appear in "Soul Song."

Cornflower blue is a soft shade appearing in watercolors, both pan (see all colors) and brush pen (see color chart) formats.

In Eloquent-Earth, soulbonds influence how people think about relationships. Some societies have very flexible marriage laws and/or other social union laws in recognition that soulbonds show many types of relationship. Other societies have more restrictive laws; they may not allow unbonded people to marry or may allow them fewer options, but most permit marriage among any combination of bondmates. In contemporary times, only a few societies deny marriage to bondmates, and other societies tend to look down on them for it.

E-South Africa allows polygamy among unbonded people and any combination of bondmates under the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act. The Marriage Act allows only man/woman marriages. The Civil Unions covers civil marriages between two people of any sex/gender configuration, but not polyamory; and platonic unions among any combination of bondmates. It's a legal and cultural mishmash due to the country's complicated past. Contrast with the laws in local-South Africa.

Birdcatcher spots are white marks that appear on horses, often starting with just one and gaining more over time. Thus "birdcatcher" is a term for someone who gains multiple soulmarks.

As local-Earth lacks soulmarks, I have drawn on other examples of sex/romance dynamics.

Heteroflexible means mostly attracted to opposite sex, with one or a few exceptions. Imagine that sexual attraction is a target. A heterosexual person has only a target for the opposite sex. A heteroflexible person has a large target for the opposite sex and a small one for the same sex. Thus many opposite-sex candidates would appeal, but only one or a few same-sex candidates.

Gay for You, and its related concept Blank for You, create a lot of controversy over whether there can be exceptions to someone's sexual orientation. Observation indicates that this can occur, but does not seem to be common. A person with a very large target in one area and a very small target in another might go decades -- or a lifetime -- before anyone hits that smaller target, and thus not realize it is even there until that happens, which can be extremely disconcerting. If It's You It's Okay and Single-Target Sexuality are other frames for exceptions.

Sudden unexpected changes in sexuality, or at least awareness of it, can occur even later in life. While most people discover their orientations around puberty, knowing earlier is not rare, and some don't realize it until much later. Those are all normal experiences.

If a married person transitions to a different sex/gender presentation, this impacts their spouse, who may question their own orientation. Many marriages break up over this, as the straight spouse can no longer relate sexually/romantically to a partner now known to be the same sex/gender. Some spouses conclude that their orientation must be wider than they thought it was, since they fell in love with someone who was always the same sex/gender even though it didn't show earlier. Others feel that they have an orientation for a single person only, and do not feel attracted others of their sex/gender. These are all equally valid experiences.

Similarly, polyamorous people may discover that aspect of their orientation at different ages. In this case, the members of the triad learned new things about themselves when the soulmarks started appearing.

Gilding is the use of gold in artwork. It can be used for writing large sections or as lines highlighting parts of calligraphy. Soulmarks typically gain a faint metallic sheen at the end once they settle; large flourishes of bright gold are rare.
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