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Dinosaur Sounds

This cartoon talks about dinosaur sounds, in regard to their relation to birds.

The thing is ... some birds actually can growl.  If you try to reach under a broody hen, she is likely to growl right before trying to tear your arm off.  It is a tickier sound than a mammal growl, but still recognizably a growl.  A goose can indeed honk, but other than that their sounds are surprisingly feline, including not only a very ominous growl but also a hiss.

Thinking about this, I suddenly realized how much Jurassic Park velociraptors sound like giant, bloodthirsty geese.  Yes.  Terror geese.  I'm going to bet that someone(s) in the development has been assaulted by geese.  Especially after that scene with the damn eggs.  Also if you hear geese making raptorlike sounds, you should haul ass out of reach.  They are territorial as fuck and large enough to break bone.

Regarding dinosaur roars, that trainlike shriek used for large carnivores probably isn't far off.  It sounds a lot like the first half of a peacock's shriek, scaled up a lot.  Parrots and macaws can also shriek ... actually about as loud as a television's dinosaur shriek.  Scale that up and it would be bone-rattling.  Hence my rendition of deathbeaks in Torn World, which was based on a combination of terror birds and my own experiences with birds.

There were, however, almost certainly honking dinosaurs, the duckbills.
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