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Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano

... is erupting.

I am uneasy about multiple fresh eruptions (not counting some shield volcanoes that leak more or less constantly) in far-flung places.  If you get several close together, it usually means there's a hotspot in that one place, with a pretty high likelihood, which is risky but at least localized.  If they're spread out, it might be a coincidence -- but if it's not, it can mean that the whole mantle is churning up, which occasionally means "bend over and kiss your ass goodbye."  Since Yellowstone has been fractious the last few years, this is really not reassuring news.

Now add in the fact that volcanoes and earthquakes are just two different symptoms of crust activity to release stress underground.  The more volcanic activity, the more likely that earthquakes will start popping off to relieve pressure in their own way.  Considering that most of the West Coast is a mess of faults, many of them connected, several major ones long past their usual timespan between quakes, and some in areas with zero preparation to cope with earthquake hazards ... this is not a good situation.

If you live in an area prone to volcanoes or earthquakes, now would be a good time to check your plans and resources for coping with those challenges, just in case things get rough.
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