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Ratings of Emotional Abuse Severity

While looking for something else, I found this scale of emotional abuse that I had seen before but then couldn't find again. It's very useful in comparing damage levels.

Warning for graphic examples.

TABLE 1. Ratings of Emotional Abuse Severity From the Childhood Trauma Interview
Emotional Abuse Severity Rating -- Description -- Example
1=Mild Yelling, inattentiveness, mild control, slight criticism
“I can’t believe you broke that!”
2=Low Frightening yelling, insults to child’s behavior, criticism of friends or interests, rejection, some control or intrusion
“Your friends are bums!”
3=Moderate Very frightening yelling, insults to child’s character, derogatory rejection, disrespectful control, blame, silent treatment, favoring of other children
“Leave me alone. I’m sick of you!”
4=Severe Extremely derogatory characterizations, humiliating punishment or rejection, threats to hurt child, severe blame, clear favoring of other children
“I’ll make you wish you were never born!”
5=Extremely severe Threats to kill, injure, or abandon child, hateful characterizations, severe sadistic blaming or taunting, total control or intrusion
“Just wait and I’ll slit your throat!”
6=Emotional torture Vivid threats to child’s life, forcing of child to abuse others or torture or condemn self
Leaving suicide note blaming child
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