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Fun with Architecture

I saw this post today and just had to play with it.

First, the Kansas City Library: 1) This is what a Picture This! library would look like. Picture This! is a colony from my main SF universe that was settled mostly by artists. Their buildings are all either fancifully built, or plainly built and covered in murals. 2) This goes on my list of "What to Do with Entirely Too Much Money." If I were ever going to spend an insane amount of money on a conspicuous consumption building, this would be it: the Hypatia of Alexandria Memorial Library given its own space.

Second, the writing exercise:

1) Pick your favorite architectural style from the list. This style is currently Fashionable on a planet settled by humans, which is a fairly popular trade hub.

2) Remove the chosen style from the list, leaving a total of ten including the extra ice hotel. Roll a d10 to select a second style. This style is traditional for a species of alien.

3) The aliens think that the human style is Lucky and want to build near buildings of that style. The humans think the alien style is Unfashionable, which means it would lower their property values, so they don't want the alien style anywhere in line of sight to a Fashionable building.

4) Your main character belongs to a Zoning Board.

5) Now what happens?
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  • Birdfeeding

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