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Suez Canal

Cheerful thought for the day: at least you're not the guy who got his boat stuck in the Suez Canal

Back when canals were built, they came with shipping guidelines about how heavy, deep, wide, or long a ship could be in order to travel through it.  Ideally, you don't want a ship big enough to block traffic if it gets stuck.  Trouble is, denying ships that passage is annoying and makes their route a lot longer and costlier.  So people began to ... modify the rules.  Just a little.  Then a little more.  Sometimes it even made sense, as technology was upgraded to make the locks better.  Other times they just did it because they wanted that faster route.  Which leads to a big boat getting stuck and blocking the route for everyone.

Every engineer ever:  "I told you so."

Here's a wild idea: might could be somebody should check the Panama Canal against its original specs, infrastructure upgrades, and current shipping.
Tags: economics, humor, news

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