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Call for Cosponsors

[personal profile] ng_moonmoth wants to launch The Bear Tunnels, starting with the first poem.

"The Hobbomak"
Emma Little Doe and Jesse Harris discover a mysterious chamber in
backwoods Massachusetts.
267 lines, Buy It Now = $267
(Double price for research)

I've gotten a prompter's look at the first of these. I'm hooked. But for
the research premium, I'd sponsor it to get things started. Anyone out
there interested in helping me get the $130 or so my arts budget won't
stretch to right now?

In case you all are curious, I actually spent several days drafting the setting and writing the six poems.  Since I was able to piggyback some of them on research already done, what I did was calculate the research cost based on the first poem and then the fourth one (which is the first in the historic time).  It's good enough for grabs.  So some of them are higher and some standard in pricing.  Also you have a lot of fun links to look forward to.  :D
Tags: activism, call for cosponsors, cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, fishbowl, history, science fiction, shopping

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