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Today's Cooking

Today I made grilled chicken and topped it with the leftover soy-molasses sauce, which was better when not burned, though still not spectacular.

I also made a batch of Sour Cream Cornbread from Recipes: American Cooking - The Eastern Heartland.  (This version is fairly similar.)  Unlike most sour cream cornbread recipes I've seen before, which only used a small amount, this one called for 1 cup, making it the dominant wet ingredient.  So that was a bit challenging to mix compared to milk-based ones, more like dough than batter, but I got it in the pan. 

It turned out fantastic, but it's very different than previous cornbreads I have had.  There are two common types:

* Dry cornbread is crumbly, and savory not sweet.  It is ideal for crumbling over chili, making stuffing, or serving with wet dishes where sweet cornbread would clash.  It's usually too dry to eat by itself, but good when slathered with things like butter, apple butter, or barbecue sauce.

* Sweet cornbread is moist and holds its shape together, almost cakelike.  It's great for eating alone and doesn't require a spread.  It makes a good side for foods that are a little sweet or tangy.  However, it's not good for crumbling over chili and can be too sweet with a spread that is very sweet.

This one came out somewhere in between.  It's a little tangy, but you can't taste the sour cream much.  It's slightly moist with a faint sweet note.  Not too dry to eat by itself,  not so sweet that it clashes with other things.  Just a really nice batch of cornbread that's more versatile because you can do pretty much anything with it.  If you only want to do one thing, bake a batch suited to that purpose; but if you want to do different things, this recipe gives you much more range.

We also like the fact that it's a small recipe for an 8x8" pan, not the big 9x13" size.  This is a good fit for two people.

I also noticed that the sour cream was pretty different than what I'm used to: much thicker and tangy rather than tasting almost spoiled.  It was kind of like a cross between cream cheese and yogurt, and I liked it a lot better than the gloppy, extremely sour kind I've had in the past.
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