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Cloned Black-Footed Ferret

The first clone of an endangered species is a black-footed ferret

It's a valiant effort.  However, it's not likely to save the species.  Without diversity, they're doomed, even if living individuals remain.  Really reviving the species would require increasing the diversity.  That can be done by finding other sources of unrelated genes, or by artificially varying the available genes.

EDIT 2/23/21: Based on comments, I want to add that I find this advance useful but not sufficient in saving endangered species.  Since the current population started with only 7 individuals, or 8 if we count the new clone, that's not enough for long-term survival.  You'd have to get above the minimum viable population.  This varies by species, and it is often set too low.  (An exception is rabbits: they have repeatedly established viable populations from only 1 buck and 1 doe, or even just 1 pregnant doe.)  A few people even think that trying to save endangered species is wrong.
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