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Content notes for "Everywhere Immigrants Have Enriched"

Here are the content notes for "Everywhere Immigrants Have Enriched."

"Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life."
-- John F. Kennedy

Refugees often flee with little or nothing, so they need many basic supplies and good jobs. Here are some ways you can help refugees in America. Note that L-America doesn't really want refugees, so it mistreats the ones who get in, hoping they will leave. This undermines their ability to recover from trauma and become productive citizens. This series shows what it would look like if residents actually welcomed refugees and helped them establish themselves -- because in this case, residents and refugees can help each other.

In local-America, immigrants face many barriers to employment. This leads to serious problems with brain waste, as people have to settle for whatever job they can get rather than what uses their skills. T-America capitalizes on immigrant skills to fill necessary gaps, either working with other immigrants (like the Arabic-speaking doctor that the government provided for Rutledge) or going into jobs where demand exceeds supply of applicants.

Continuing education is postsecondary learning for adults, not necessarily aimed at a college degree although it can be. Often it's trade school, a college certificate, piecemeal classes, corporate training, or other options. In Local-America, a few companies and government programs offer tuition payment or loan reimbursement, ranging from low to moderate payments. In Terramagne-America, the participation and payouts are both higher. The top ten jobs with a labor shortage customarily offer free training through federal employment programs. Outside that, amounts vary, but people can usually get free education for high-demand jobs or by working in underserved areas.
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