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Setting notes for "Everywhere Immigrants Have Enriched"

Here are the setting notes for "Everywhere Immigrants Have Enriched."

See the 1st floor plan of Family Business Rest. Function Room 1 is a theater. Originally the building had no dotties. They have been added between Function Room 4 and the Fire Exit, and between the EE Room and the Gym. These will include hybrid toilets that can be used squatting or sitting. The lobby has clusters of chairs and couches for guests.

A sitemap shows the buildings and grounds of Green Mountain Yard & Garden.

The parking lot lets out into a wide path with a long pavilion. The lawn and garden display includes a birdbath and many different plants.

The riverbed is made with local cobblestones and edged in water-tolerant plants with strong root systems. The eco-swale is a shallow ditch planted with species to prevent erosion and soak up water. It catches runoff, and any overflow spills toward the pond below. The pond is edged with wetland plants.

The nursery square holds potted trees. The meadow features many wildflowers, especially native species. The nursery sells seed mixes for native grasses, native wildflowers, and combinations of the two for different purposes.

The chicken coop includes Ameraucana, Barnevelder, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, California White Dominique, Gold-Laced Wyandotte, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, and Speckled Sussex.

The Bird Garden lies between the Office and the Meadow Area.

The lower floor of the farmhouse holds the administrative offices. The upper floor has living space for Elry's family. The office has two desks and chairs.

The butterfly garden features stone and concrete benches surrounded by spectacular flowers. The sun house shelters tropical plants.

The store sells a wide range of garden tools, supplies, and some houseplants.

A path connects various parts of the nursery. Berry Lane holds blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and other fruiting plants. Garden Cove has a sign on the pergola. It has many different plants growing there.

These xericulture plants need little water. Bedding plants offer pops of color.

The barn is bright red.

Presentations attract customers.

This butterfly garden is a project in the community. Here a neighborhood greenspace offers a sanctuary for wildlife and a place for people to walk outside. This labyrinth is in a local park.

A four-seasons park shows flowering trees in spring, wildflowers in summer, and maples in fall. In winter it has winterberry, white birch, kousa dogwood, reed grass, white oak, scarlet oak, white spruce, a conifer garden, catkins, and a pond.

Green Mountain Yard & Garden has a van for business use.  See the cockpit, interior sliding door, and seats.

The floor plan on the far right shows the maximum seating capacity of this van. Other floor plans for shorter vans show different configurations. The van has fixed seats for driver and copilot, plus removable seats for passengers. It comes standard with one 4-seat row, one 3-seat row, two 2-seat rows, and two single seats for a total of 13 removable seats. The seat channels can also be used for latching wheelchairs or cargo into place. The van will hold 2 wheelchairs side-by-side, and most models will fit three rows, for a total of 6 wheelchairs with no removable seats installed.
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