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Soy-Molasses Salmon

My partner Doug found a recipe for Soy-Molasses Salmon, so I tried making that tonight.  I used fresh ginger as well as fresh garlic, and substituted oyster sauce for the fish sauce that we don't have yet.  We cut the amount in half to make 2 salmon fillets and had sauce left over.

I did like the idea of mixing molasses with soy.  However, the high sugar content made the sauce burn almost instantly when it contacted the hot pan.  :P  It was also, as I suspected, an overwhelming flavor.

Since we have some sauce left, we're mulling over other things we might do with it.

I'm also thinking about how else I could combine molasses with soy sauce.  I'm afraid if I put it in a hot wok, it will just burn again.  But it might do better if diluted more.  Braising might work.  I want to try honey glaze too.
Tags: food, recipe

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