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A Reflection from the Hall of Mirrors

Recently poeticknowledge did a "friends" meme, describing virtues for each person who commented. This was the description of me:

I love how you are respectful yet assertive and strong in your opinions simultaneously. Whenever you respond to someone on a post or discussion, you are clear and straightforward on your thoughts, but you do so in a way that is not pushy or imposing on other's views. You take a genuine interest in what others have to say, but you make your thoughts known too. You are honest, forthright, respectful, and open-minded. You are always up for learning new things and for trying new projects. :)

I admire your gifts a lot. ^_^ You set a good example for others.

This is what I customarily aim for, so I'm pleased by the feedback. While I don't tend to change myself based on how other people perceive me, it is still often useful information -- particularly from regular readers. You folks are my hall of mirrors, and I really appreciate that.
Tags: blogging, cyberspace theory, networking, personal

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