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Moment of Silence: Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler and protector of free speech, has passed away.  He believed that everyone should have the right to fuck, or talk about fucking, or share pictures of fucking, or whatever the fuck other facts or topics they wanted, and he fought like a war dog for that freedom.  Pride flags at half-mast.

Between Heaven and Hell, a bit offside the narrower paths leading to Limbo and Fair Elfland, is another one leading to a little offshoot of the afterlife: the Party Floor.  It's for people who think Heaven is boring and Hell has all the good stuff but they haven't been evil.  Now the Party Floor is roaring a welcome, with a naked hot tub full of champagne, and a couple of angels have snuck out with a box full of banned books, and the leccubi are having a dildo-carving contest, and Lucifer waves with triplets hanging off him.

It's gonna be one hell of a party.
Tags: activism, gender studies, moment of silence

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