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Racism and SF: "Alien Nation"

Continuing our discussion of racism and science fiction, I want to point out another favorite from the genre: Alien Nation. This began as a movie, turned into a television series, then some TV movies, and eventually added several books. The premise is that a ship full of alien slaves crash-landed on Earth, and the "Newcomers" (or "Slags," and Slag = n*gg*r) have a hard time fitting in due to human prejudice. The whole thing is built around exploring all differnet aspects of racial tension and identity. If you aren't familiar with Alien Nation but you're interested in this theme, it is well worth your while to track down.

Alien Nation -- Wikipedia hub page
Tenctonese -- Wikipedia description of alien species
Alien Nation -- IMDB page on original movie
Alien Nation -- TV show episode guide
Alien Nation -- concept description and overview
Alien Nation (TV series) -- analysis of show including themes and plotlines
"Race and Racism in Science Fiction" -- essay citing Alien Nation

Oh, and for you xenolinguistics fans, there is also considerable exposure for the alien language, Tenctonese:

Tenctonese alphabets
Alien Nation Appreciation Society
Bureau of Tenctonese Language
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