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Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Of course, there are already a lot of poems available here under the "poem" tag, which you're welcome to print out and put in your pocket. Donors, if you have previously sponsored a specific poem, remember that you have reprint rights and can repost that one to your blog if you wish.

I also wanted to add a nice short poem, suitable for general audiences, just for this occasion. I've done this for each of my three blogs; the one for this blog is pasted below, and the other two are here:

Gaiatribe: Put a Poem in Your Pocket Today
Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews: Today Is Poem in Your Pocket Day

The Breath of Spring
a triolet

The breath of spring is wet with rain
And sweet with flowers blooming bright.
It breaks the winter like a chain.
The breath of spring is wet with rain
And beckons to the new-sown grain.
It warms itself with golden light.
The breath of spring is wet with rain
And sweet with flowers blooming bright.

If you are celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day by sharing a poem on your blog, feel free to post a link here. You can also visit the Bloggers Unite event page for more posts on this theme.
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