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New Crowdfunding Project: Solo But Not Alone

I spotted this on a friend's blog: a bundle of 87 solo tabletop roleplaying games for $10

Just skimming the themes: a living shadow, hydration, cooking, queer experiences, self-love, relationships, ghosts, trees, transgender, time travel, ADHD, cats, killing gods, weather, a guided digital poetry experience, witches, fae, aliens, wargs, executive dysfunction, a magical zoo, nostalgia cartography, monsters, linguistics ...

... and one about rescuing books from a library fire, guess I'm not the only one still vexed about the Library of Alexandria.

What an awesome collection.  :D

EDIT 1/21/21: My partner Doug notes that each game must be downloaded separately, and some have multiple files.  O_O
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, gaming, networking, shopping

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