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Featured Community: Pagan Icons

Most folks on LiveJournal belong to a bunch of communities. Some of the good ones are kind of obscure. The "Featured Community" meme encourages people to share their favorite communities.

  1. Cite a community that you enjoy. 
  2. Summarize its purpose and parameters. 
  3. Invite your audience to join the community and/or reply with their favorite communities.

Today's featured community is: pagan_icons
There are many "icon" communities in LiveJournal, useful for sharing bases and/or icons. Some, like this one, specialize in a particular theme. pagan_icons is the best place I've found for images dealing with Earth-based belief systems, magic, mythology, and related ideas. Several highly skilled artists post complete icons, and there are many blank bases as well. Patron deity, sabbat, and elemental imagery is especially popular. So if you are seeking Pagan icons, or have some that you'd like to post, drop by this community.
Tags: art, blogging, community, magic, meme, networking, paganism, pimp a friend

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