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New Year's Resolutions Check In

We made it through the first week of January. This is enough to get an early glimpse of progress with New Year's resolutions. It's also malleable enough to make changes.

How are your resolutions going?

Are you struggling with year-long goals? Consider adding some one-day resolutions to boost your sense of accomplishment. You can also break yearly goals into smaller subgoals, like monthly ones.

Do you feel more crushed by obligations than inspired by opportunities? Add some fun New Year's resolutions so you don't burn out.

How are you doing with tracking your progress? If you need a visual representation, check out these bullet journal pages.

Are you still going strong? Reward yourself!

Here are my goals for 2021.

Completed (2)

* Make a list of ways to spend time together. [MET 1/1/21 with post]

* Clean the window prisms. [MET 1/4/21]

Begun (14) (most of these cannot be finished quickly)

* Actually look at this list of goals, at least twice a month, before the end of the year in hopes of meeting more of them and not trying to cram in December. [1/1/21, 1/2/21, 1/4/20, 1/8/20]

* Place one new book-length project on the market, either by writing a book proposal or by writing a complete book manuscript. [Astronomy haiku book begun 1/5/20]

* Continue holding one Poetry Fishbowl per month. [1/5/20 Short Forms]

* Participate in at least six bingo fests. [1/3/21 Fresh Starts, ]

* Participate in the [community profile] snowflake_challenge. [Begin 1/1/21]

* Run the Rose & Bay Awards for 2021. [Made nomination posts for Art and Webcomics 1/1/21]

* Finish at least two orders for spring plants by the end of February. Orders sent in March or later do not count. [Read Select Seeds & marked desirable plants 1/1/21, order placed 1/2/21]
I have a catalog of prairie natives that I have designated to be read after finishing the epic poem I'm currently writing, so that's probably my second half of this goal.

* Keep track of my crowdfunding activity as the year goes on. [Begun 1/1/21]

* Keep track of things I would like to receive as gifts. [Begun 1/1/21]

* Make at least one new recipe per month. [*muscadine grape mixed fruit smoothie 1/2/21]

* Bullet journal family activities, aiming for at least one a week. [Begun 1/1/21]

* Bullet journal vegetable days at least through January. [Begun 1/1/21]

* Bullet journal watering plants weekly. [Begun 1/1/21]

* When taking photographs I intend to post, actually post them. Count number of dates. [1/4/21 Owl Spoor, ]

So far, the bullet journal pages seem promising.  They definitely put the topic more in mind, which gets it done more often.  The biggest issue there is that, while the trackers help me remember things, they don't help if I haven't got necessary supplies ready to hand.  Some goals would benefit from better stocking, but supplies aren't always available. :/  
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