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Poetic Discussion: Asking the Right Questions

As the discussion of "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?/Different Gifts" continues, corivax asked some extremely useful questions. I started writing an answer and quickly realized that it was going to outgrow LJ's post limit. So I moved it to Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews, where it choked Wordpress approaching 5000 words. Finally I divided it into a series of four posts:

  • "Interpreting Poetry I: Exploring a Sample Poem"

  • "Interpreting Poetry II: The Narrator"

  • "Interpreting Poetry III: Showing vs. Telling"

  • "Interpreting Poetry IV: Form Follows Function"

  • Those of you who enjoy literary analysis and deep reading, or who want to know how it works, may want to go take a peek. Writers may also find it useful. Continuing discussion is welcome here or there.
    Tags: cyberfunded creativity, discussion, fantasy, fishbowl, gender studies, poetry, reading, writing

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