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Magpie Monday

Today [personal profile] dialecticdreamer is hosting Magpie Monday with a theme of "anything goes."  If there's any kind of writing that you wish to see more of, now's your chance.  Leave prompts, get ficlets! Boosting the signal gets you a longer scene.

A prompt call is an invitation from a writer for readers to get precisely the kinds of stories they want. I usually put a theme on this prompt call, but because my brain needs a break from all of my recent research into everyday life in China, the theme is officially:

Anything goes!

I write boring sex scenes, though I have skated the line and written nosexual power exchange, I warn for violence, bullying, and foul language, but have sidled into that territory more often. So, ask and I’ll do my best to answer!

Because I plan to wrap the “China’s Mistake” series by the end of the month, now’s the time to request bits which are not from Wei, Mayire, or Finn viewpoints. Preferably, readers will say “Let’s do something different!” but I am not excluding the central story arc from prompts today.
The aim of the prompt call is to earn $150 in tips, and if that happens before the Feathering the Nest prompt call begins, I’ll post several previously finished, unpublished stories to double the word count for readers to enjoy. (That means 7500 to 8,000 more words to read!)
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