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Content notes for "The Unknown, Unpredictable Change"

Here are the content notes for "The Unknown, Unpredictable Change."

Code Hansel / Code Gretel -- These are terms used for a lost child alert at Renaissance Faires in Terramagne-America, specifically Code Hansel for a boy or Code Gretel for a girl. Less common is Code Breadcrumbs which does not specify a gender.

Know how to handle lost kids at an event. A staged response is often helpful: search the immediate area, then if that doesn't work inside a few minutes, expand the search. Most lost children are found quickly, so this prevents rousing the whole staff or police unnecessarily, or scaring people with too much fuss. One distal action that can help is to notify the gate(s) of the child's description or send a photo to prevent them from leaving the event.

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which melanocytes die off, causing a loss of color in skin and sometimes also hair. In Terramagne, scientists have identified vitiligo as a known precursor of Chameleon Skin, meaning that people who have an ancestor with vitiligo are more likely to develop Chameleon Skin. Like other appearance-altering conditions, vitiligo and Chameleon Skin can cause problems with body image, self-esteem, and quality of life. Body positivity can help counteract these problems, as can learning about famous vitiligans or Chameleon soups. Understand how to cope with issues about vitiligo. Above all, don't pester people about the appearance of their skin. People like every kind of spotted animal, so there's no reason to look down on spotted people.

Pencil topper trolls have stand-up hair, usually in vivid colors. Some crayon soups like Officer Pink experience a change in hair texture that causes it to stand up.

Check out the fairy blankets.
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