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Location notes for "The Unknown, Unpredictable Change"

These are the location notes for "The Unknown, Unpredictable Change."

Worth mentioning is that the variety is much wider in T-American faires than it is in L-American faires, although the latter have diversified more in recent years. What we have here are mostly generic English Renaissance faires, with some medieval, some French or Highland events, and a few pirate or fantasy ones. T-America has Renaissance faires of many countries -- which means they spread over that whole time period, because the Renaissance arrived at different times in different places. Pirate faires are enormously popular, and fantasy ones are well known. Ethnic faires often network with Sankofa Clubs, such as the occasional African or Egyptian event. Among the events:
Meadowsweet Faire in Shaker Pine, MN (mid-late summer)
somewhat inspired by the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (Shakopee, MN, August 19-October 1, 2017)
Breton Faire in Onion City, WI (early-mid autumn)
somewhat inspired by the Bristol Renaissance Faire (Kenosha, WI, July 8-September 4, 2017)
Lyonesse Faire in River City, MO (late autumn)
somewhat inspired by the St. Louis Renaissance Faire (Wentzville, MO, September 16-October 15, 2017)
(This used to be a spring faire.)
Midwinter Faire in Bluehill, MO (early winter)

This sitemap shows the layout of the Lyonesse Faire.

Like a few faires in local-America and many in Terramagne-America, the Lyonesse Faire offers an educational program for staff prior to opening day. The Lyonesse Academy of Performing Arts holds auditions followed by two weeks of lessons in Renaissance and French history, French language and period accents, acting, costuming, prop construction, and more. Advanced classes are available for returning staff and other experienced rennies.

The Unicorn Grove holds a small herd of unicorn goats, which have been bred to have only one horn. A few breeds of goat and sheep are known for having a variable number of horns, and someone capitalized on that to stabilize this breed of one-horned white goats. Unicorn milk and unicorn cheese are sold through an adjacent booth.

The Aerial Act includes silk dancing, trapeze, hoop, and other gravity-defying performances.

The Jousting Field offers exciting competitions, mostly on horseback.

The Pirates have a stage. In Terramagne-America, pirate troupes frequently do presentations on the rough-and-ready democracy practiced in historic pirate cultures.

Bow Blast invites people to try their hand at archery.

Much of the faire consists of shady lanes lines with interesting booths. Linen Lane has demonstrations of fibercraft arts and merchants who sell yarn, cloth, finished clothing, dyes, period craft tools, craft books, and related items.

The Kiddie Kingdom offers many fun activities including swordfighting. It also have a few tidbits from many other areas gathered together, like a mermaid and a fairy, so that families can see a lot even if they don't have the energy to hike the whole faire.

The Petting Zoo has a zony.

The Fairy Garden has a stage, booths, and performers with fey themes.

The Mermaids have a grotto of rocks and pools.

Various establishments offer food and drink at the faire.
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