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Backup for a Friend

A friend of mine is seeking backup. If anyone can help, please get in touch with them.

Hello, we are [personal profile] we_are_spc on DW; some may also know us as Fallon. We are headed to Indiana )Indianapolis to be precise) and may be spending time in Greenwood right near the Indy border.

While our family are, on the surface, good folks, sometimes they can be a little overprotective. What we want is someone who can come get us out of there if things get too volitile for us. Our family has no idea wwe're
collective, has attitudes bordering on childish, and may very well violate privacy and subject boundaries without meaning to, and we want a person they don't know of to be our 'we need out now' person.

What I want to avoid with this plan is becoming nonfunctional in front of them; being too nonluckid that I give in without a fight, and them taking away my agency from me *becauxse* I am that way.

Those who are available may contact me via PM, or the email:
scarletphoenixcollective at gmail dot com )Appropriate symbools applied) I do have QWhat'sApp as well, but that requires a phone number, and I am not willing to risk that here, yet.

Thank you for your assistance if you can provide such.
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