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Divergence Point in Development

I've known for some time that Terramagne has far fewer suburbs than here, and their neighborhoods have a more traditional structure with some modern improvements to sustainability.  They realized rather quickly that suburbia was a bad idea, and quit building that way.  Today I stumbled across one of the divergence points, The Small Town Manual for Community Action, which was also distributed here but didn't catch on much.  T-America ran with it, well enough that when suburbs performed poorly in comparison, people protested and the model didn't gain much traction.

Compare this with current movements like Strong Towns and Transition Towns, made of people who have noticed that things are not going well and sooner or later will collapse, so they want to build something better.

See also my original thread on "how to make your hometown more like Bluehill" and links to the expanded posts on that topic. This is stuff that can be replicated with extant resources.
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