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Notes for "A Fresh Opportunity to Make a Mark"

These are the notes for "A Fresh Opportunity to Make a Mark."

"The first day at a new job provides a fresh opportunity to make a mark and establishes you as a talent and beacon that others can follow."
-- Mirror Review

This is Ricasso's larger office building. See the floor plan.

The reception area is wider than it is deep, but has only one door leading into the building, in the center of the back wall. A round reception desk with hidden armor blocks the door, so that people have to walk past the desk in order to get inside. This allows it to serve as a barricade if necessary. The building's strong defensive features contributed to its selection.

The assembly room stretches between the righthand offices and the kitchen, and can be divided from the kitchen with a folding curtain wall. It can be used as a dining room, conference room, presentation hall, dance hall, and so on. Its furniture is portable. There is a long table with rolling chairs, and an assortment of small tables with folding chairs.

This is the kitchen. It has a sink, dishwasher, holotank cookbook, two conventional ovens, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator/freezer along with built-in cabinets. The stovetop is located in an island which helps divide the kitchen from the large assembly room. The gyro machine has a kebab function too. The snack fridge holds mostly healthy snacks like vegetable sticks, boiled eggs, and yogurt. The pantry includes baking supplies, prepackaged snacks, and cereals.

Fruit leathers are everywhere, but it's harder to find vegetable leathers. I did find this collection with recipes for tomato leather and onion leather. Here are some for winter squash leather -- which sounds like a nicer version of the dried squash strips traditional in Turtle Island -- berry spinach, apple spinach, apple sweet potato, apple pumpkin, apple berry zucchini, zucchini celery any fruit (no such thing as too much zucchini!), beet, and carrot.

Office 6 beside Reception is the boss' office. Ricasso's executive desk is a modular assembly. It is put together with the hutch along the wall and the other section of the desk extending at right angle to create a barrier between Ricasso and the two doors of the room. He has a brown leather executive chair to go with the desk. This secretary desk rests against the wall opposite the hutch. Together they bracket the more private part of the room, dividing it from the more public space near the door. This desk has a matching wooden chair. Ricasso has a hide-a-bed couch in his office, brown leather studded with brass tacks. Nobody else uses it but him, although he has been known to put someone on it. This rests along the wall behind the boundary marked by the desks. Inside the closet is a rack of kinky toys.

Office 7 next to that is the general office. The work station is built from modular units to create a long multiperson desk with a large work table. It has several end tables and coffee tables with an assortment of rolling secretary chairs and stationary chairs covered in leather or cloth. A big wooden cabinet fills one corner of the room. A variety of viewscreens provide information or entertainment as needed.

In the back, office 3 beside the Dottie's potty is the patch room. Offices 1, 2, 4, and 5 are flop rooms. Office 1 is a flop room with four bunk beds which can sleep eight people, one bed against each wall. The playpen in the back belongs to Cason's daughter Leta. Office 2 is a flop room with five single beds, two along the left wall and three along the right. Office 4 is a flop room with one single bed, often used if someone gets injured. It also has a desk with rolling chair, a small viewscreen, a minifridge, an endtable with a super-gizmotronic privacy generator, a small rolling table, and an easy chair. Office 5 is a flop room with one double bed. It also has a desk and chair, a large viewscreen, a round table flanked by two chairs, and an endtable with a super-gizmotronic privacy generator. It has a kinky toy cabinet. The closet nearest to the back door has a weapon safe. It contains a few guns and a lot of other weapons, along with some valuables.

The fitness room reaches from the left side of the reception area to the back row of offices. The end toward reception has mats and assorted punching bags. The end toward the offices has free weights, weightlifting benches, and various other exercise equipment.

See Thriver's hoodie:
No, I'm not a superhero. I'm something even more powerful: I am a cook.

This is Shiv's T-shirt from Heron.
Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

Easy dips include Easy Roasted Red Pepper Spread, Honey Walnut Cream Cheese, and Delicious Non-traditional Guacamole.

Enjoy recipes for Oatmeal Walnut Cookies, Blood Orange Marmalade, and Marmalade-Kissed Fruit Salad.

Check out this Blueberry Walnut Dark Chocolate Bar.

(These links are intense.)
Dire experiences can leave people with traumatic stress. This can cause a variety of conditions. Prolonged Duress Stress Disorder is similar to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but involves a long span of torment instead of a single brief incident. Developmental Trauma Disorder describes the effects on a developing psyche. Traumatic stress tends to have a profound negative impact on relationships and socializing. This encourages isolation, which can cause further problems. Understand how to cope with traumatic stress or help a friend with it.

(So are these.)
Trauma survivors often show worrisome symptoms of decompensation as the extreme stress overwhelms their coping skills. Trauma-informed care offers compassionate, effective ways to help survivors.
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