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Solving Things the Wrong Way

Here's an example of people trying to solve a problem the wrong way, because the necessary course of action is likely to be difficult, expensive, unpleasant, and therefore unpopular:

Andrew Glikson | Toward Climate Geoengineering?
Andrew Glickson, Truthout: "That global climate change has reached an impasse whereby the 'powers-to-be' are entertaining climate geoengineering mitigation, instead of the urgent deep reduction of carbon emissions required by science, represents the ultimate moral bankruptcy of institutions and a failure of democracy."

Geoengineering would entail large-scale purposeful manipulations of the atmosphere, oceans, etc. Yeah ... making major changes to systems we've already severely damaged by doing things we didn't realize would affect them badly because we didn't understand them fully. And we still don't. This way lies a realm of enlightening doom we should avoid.
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