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Setting notes for "To Give Suffering a Location"

These are the setting notes for "To Give Suffering a Location."

This map of Omaha shows the location of Creighton University. Here is a closeup of the campus showing CHI Health (Creighton University Health Center) at the top center of the map.

The Allplay Complex is part of Seymour Smith Park. See an overview of the whole park. Allplay is located in the upper left part of the park.

This overview shows the skatepark toward the middle right of the image. A side view shows how the skatepark follows the contours of the land. A sidewalk wraps around the rim of the bowls. This wide-angle view of the bowls shows the tall vertical at the left edge of the bowl. Another perspective of the bowls shows the interior corners. The smaller cloverleaf bowl has a tiled rim like a swimming pool. This view looks along the stairs and rails section, and another set of stairs leads up to the main sidewalk. Terramagne-America encourages shared use of facilities, so the skatepark can be used for skateboarding, rollerskating, stuntbiking, freerunning, jogging, etc. Every once in a while you'll even see someone tricking around in a sport wheelchair.

Extreme sports require a more advanced first aid kit than usual, so in T-America, a park that includes a skatepark customarily has a big box kit mounted on a wall or a post nearby. The most common injuries are bruises, abrasions (often severe), sprains, and broken bones. Appropriate protective gear reduces but does not eliminate injuries, and is recommended rather than required, so not everyone uses it or has the best quality. Locally, there are small kits for sports, but you may do better with a big kit designed for industrial or jobsite use if you want a cabinet model. For a backpack model, consider wilderness kits.

The IndustraPRO 150 Series First Aid Kit has a metal cabinet, bandages, basic medications, and other essentials.

Class B150 people
951 Pieces view contents list
Kit Contents may vary according to availability
ACD1020S AEROWOUND Combine Dressing 4in x 8in 2
AWD15 AEROWOUND Wound Dressing 2
AT25 AEROPLAST Transparent Tape 2
AFP6015 AEROPLAST Premium Weight X-Wide Strip 50
AFP350 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Knuckle 40
AFP506 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Large Patch 25
AFP450 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Large Fingertip 25
AFP430 AEROPLAST Premium Weight Fingertip 40
ASTA25US AEROSOOTHE Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.9g 25
AW8000US AEROWIPE Antiseptic Wipe 50
AW7000US AEROWIPE Alcohol Swab 50
AB325 AEROBURN Packets 3.5g 25
ABD10 AEROBURN Burn Dressing 4 x 4 in 2
AII6000US AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack Large 260g 1
AII3000US AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack Small 100g 1
APG7510SUS AEROPAD Gauze Pads 3in x 3in 10
APD57510SUS AEROPAD Low Adherent Dressing 10
ACA10 AEROSWAB Cotton Tip Applicators 20
AGG001US AEROGUIDE First Aid Guide 1
AGNPF02US AEROGLOVE Nitrile Gloves 1 pair 4
ABC10BUS AEROBAND Triangular Bandage 2
AFS001US AEROSHIELD Face Shield Disposable 1
AEP1S AEROPAD Eye Pads 2in x 3in 2
AW5OZUS AEROWASH Eyewash & Skin-Rinse 5 fl.oz. 1
ACG25US AEROCLEANSE Hand Sanitizer 0.9g 25
AF50 AEROFORM Conforming Band. 2in x 4.4yds 2
AF100 AEROFORM Conforming Band. 4in x 4.3yds 1
AF9 AEROINSTRUMENT Tweezers 3in Steel 1
ASC11US AEROINSTRUMENT Scissors 4.5 in 1
APWCB10 AEROPLAST Butterfly Closures 10
AAS50US AEROAID Antiseptic Spray 1
AWF03 AEROWOUND Finger Dressing Pack 3/pack 2
ASP10 AEROPROBE Splinter Probe 10
AR1060 AEROSPLINT Padded Splint 4in x 24in 1
ART1040 AERORESCUE Tourniquet 1in x 18in 1
ATPR100 AEROMED Pain Reliever Tablets 100/box 100
ATNA100 AEROMED Non Aspirin Tablets 100/box 100
ATIB100 AEROMED Ibuprofen Tablets 100/box 100
ATCT100 AEROMED Cold Tablets 100/box 100
ATAN100 AEROMED Antacid Tablets 100/box 100
– AEROKIT 150 Series Case 1

The BAY is an indoor skatepark in Lincoln, Nebraska. Enjoy a video of skateboard tricks there. This aerial view shows the BAY Skatepark. A wide view at street level shows the entrance.

Nearby the BAY has a stage and concert venue outdoors.

Indoors, the art gallery displays a range of graffiti, industrial art, and other urban styles. The coffee bar has an industrial look with a serving bar, booths, tables and chairs. The indoor skatepark has a variety of ramps, stairs, rails, and other features. A workshop provides space to build and repair skateboarding equipment. Precision Skateboards sells skateboards, athletic clothes, and other accessories.
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