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Today's Cooking

We made Mango Chicken Tinga.  It was really good!  It really wasn't much work for the amount of gratification derived from it, especially with two people fixing it.

We used garlic fire-roasted tomatoes because they didn't have plain ones, so that works.

Also, if you want to ladle it over a bed of rice or something like that, which I did (instead of putting it into a tortilla like my_partner_doug  did), then you don't necessarily have to shred the chicken.  I just bailed out a thigh and added the other bits around it.

Next time, I want to use mango puree instead of mango nectar, and add a can of tomato paste, to thicken the liquid more.

If you don't want to butcher a live, struggling mango for this recipe then I suspect that frozen, thawed chunks would work just fine.

EDIT 9/16/20 -- Tonight we reheated leftovers to serve over boiled eggs, and that was delicious too.  :D
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