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Today's Project

I am crocking up the chicken that was too thawed to put in the freezer.  Maybe 5-7 pounds -- there was a gallon bag mostly full, a sandwich bag full, and a couple more chunks in a quart bag.  Call it a chicken and a half to two chickens worth of randomly hacked hunks.

I filled the bottom of the crock with a couple inches of water and dropped in a Maggi cube.  Then I added a bay leaf.  I ground up about half a teaspoon each of Hawaiian red salt and black peppercorns.  I put in some thyme and oregano, then smaller amounts of rosemary and rubbed sage.  

The idea is cook up a fairly basic batch of chicken, bail it out, remove the bones, then freeze the shredded meat in meal-sized portions.  We can then flavor it as desired.  We have most of the makings of the apple barbecue sauce that we wanted to try on the shredded pork, which should also go great on chicken.  We also have several new curry sauces to try and some mango chutney that I was planning to put on salmon but will probably go with chicken too. 

So in case you ever wind up with a massive amount of something, remember you don't have to decide what to do with all of it right away.  You can turn it into a base ingredient that will provide a foundation for quick, easy meals later on.

EDIT 8/22/20 -- I deboned the chicken.  I filled 2 quart baggies (meal-size portions), and put small amounts in 2 sandwich bags (for quesadillas or the like), and bailed out 2 cartons of chicken broth.  Not bad for maybe half an hour or so of active attention spread over several hours of cooktime. 
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