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Poem: "Just One Form of Abjection"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls. It fills the "Prostitution" square in my 5-1-20 card for the Sumerian Me Bingo fest. It has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. This poem belongs to the Broken Angels thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem contains intense and controversial topics. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. It includes references to gang activity, gay prostitution, gaybashing, offensive use of superpowers against an ordinary person, intimidation, vomiting, begging, abandoning a sick person in a public place, frank discussion of homophobia, and other challenges. Faster Blaster is cleaning up his neighborhoods in his own special way. If these are sensitive issues, please consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

"Just One Form of Abjection"

[Wednesday, November 18, 2015]

Faster Blaster strolled through
the neighborhood of North Bottoms,
just keeping an eye on things.

He didn't have any enforcers yet,
though he'd put out the word that
he was looking for some muscle.

For now, he did patrols himself,
and the button twins watched too.

Crime was already dropping,
at least in terms of petty theft,
but hassling still happened, and
sometimes worse than that.

Faster Blaster was heading
to meet Amando when he saw
someone jump the smaller man.

Amando managed to block
the first blow, and there wasn't
a second, because Faster Blaster
reached them in a split second
and wrenched the attacker's arm
behind his back, high and hard.

The man shouted and tried
to fight back, but he was too slow.

Faster Blaster easily evaded
the counterattack and pushed
harder on the arm lock until
the struggling wound down.

"Amando, are you okay?"
Faster Blaster asked.

"Yeah, boss," Amando said,
rubbing his right forearm.
"I did like you showed me."

"Bruised, not broken?"
Faster Blaster pressed.

"Just bruised," Amando said
as he lifted his wrist to show
the dark spot blooming on
his caramel skin. "Better
my forearm than my face."

"We'll get you some ice for
that soon," said Faster Blaster.
Then he turned to his captive.
"Are you ready to apologize?"

"Fucking faggot deserved it,
look how he's dressed!"
the attacker snapped.

The evening air was
startlingly warm for
this time of the year.

Amando was dressed for
work, which meant jeans and
a T-shirt so snug that they
were almost painted on.

A chrome cock ring hung
on a chain around his neck
in a silent advertisement.

"Excuse us," Faster Blaster said
to Amando. "We need to go talk."

Wrapping an arm around his captive,
Faster Blaster made a quick loop
around the neighborhood, lights
blurring around them as he ran.

He paused in an empty lot
so the younger man could
throw up in the bushes.

"Have you reconsidered?"
Faster Blaster asked.

"Fuck you," he groaned.

"It's your funeral,"
the supervillain said,
and took off again.

After the second lap,
Faster Blaster said,
"Had enough yet?"

The man was weaving
on his feet but tried
to hit him anyway.

Faster Blaster made
another loop around.

This time, as soon as
the motion stopped,
the man collapsed,
heaving violently.

Faster Blaster waited
patiently for him to stop.

It took quite a while.

Just touching a shoulder
made the captive flinch.
"Please, stop, lemme
alone," he whimpered.

"Are you going to leave
my people alone now?"
Faster Blaster asked.
"I don't tolerate that kind
of abuse in my territory."

"Yes, anything," the man said.

"Tell your friends, if you have any,
that North Bottoms and Lake Bottoms
are off-limits for gaybashing, and I
really don't want to see it elsewhere
in town either," said Faster Blaster.
"Have I made myself clear?"

"Yeah, yeah," said his captive,
no longer even trying to move.

"All right, then, we're done
here," Faster Blaster said.
"Can you walk yourself home?"

The younger man was too trashed
to move much, so Faster Blaster
got an arm around him, only for
the fellow to start thrashing.

"Hold still," he scolded. "I'm
just putting you on the park bench
over there. We'll take it slow."

As soon as they reached it,
the younger man curled up
into a miserable ball.

Faster Blaster took out
his phone. "I'm going to call
the drunk truck to pick you up,"
he said. "They'll get you home safe.
I don't care what you tell them, as
long as it doesn't involve me."

The man started to nod,
but then moaned again.

"That's motion sickness,"
Faster Blaster explained as
he tucked two fingers under
the man's chin. "Try not to move
your head any more than necessary."

"Wha'd you do to me?" the man said.

"I just trotted you around faster
than your brain could process,"
Faster Blaster said. "It takes a while
for the liquid inside your ears to stop
sloshing around. Get some Chuckie's
from the medics and that should help."

He made the call for drunk transport
next. "Hey man, there's a guy on
the bench here. He don't look
too good," Faster Blaster said,
letting the street talk surface. He
gave the address, then hung up.

Possibly he should have stayed
until the drunk truck arrived, but
Faster Blaster cared a lot more
about Amando than a gaybasher.

It only took a moment to get back
to where Amando waited for him.

"How are you doing now?"
Faster Blaster asked.

"It's just a bruise, boss,"
said Amando. "It's sore,
but it's not really a problem.
You don't need to worry."

"Let's find that ice, then,"
Faster Blaster said. "There's
a gas station not far away."

"Okay," Amando said,
leaning into him a little
as they started walking.

"Do you feel like talking?"
Faster Blaster asked.
"You look upset."

Amando said, "I'm
just tired of getting hit."

"Oh, you won't have
to worry about that guy
anymore -- I gave him
a ride to remember,"
Faster Blaster said.
"Word gets around."

"I hope so," Amando said
as he rubbed the bruise.
"This is all so ... stupid."

"What is?" Faster Blaster said.
"Homophobia, racism, sexphobia
or something altogether?"

"Homophobia's just one form
of abjection, and wherever you
have a marker of difference --
skin color, gender, gender identity,
disability -- you get the same
mechanisms of prejudice,"
Amando said. "They're all
facets of the same problem."

"I see what you mean,"
Faster Blaster said.
"I'm working on it as
fast as I can, I swear."

"I know you are,"
Amando said. "So,
did he ever apologize?"

"Mmm, it was more like
begging for mercy in the end,"
Faster Blaster said with a smile.

"I'm not surprised," Amando said.
"That one's kind of hysterical."

"How so?" Faster Blaster said.

"Homosexuality was invented
by a straight world dealing with
its own bisexuality," Amando said.
"Finding this difficult, and preferring
not to admit it, straight people created
a closet for those whose very existence
was seen as shameful to everyone."

"You think he's gay?" Faster Blaster said.
"He seemed ... pretty macho to me."

"I don't know, but I doubt he's
a Kinsey 0," said Amando. "It's
a little too personal to be based
on mere moralizing, I think."

"I'm sorry he took it out on you,"
Faster Blaster said. "That sucks."

"He felt like he had to," Amando said.
"My very existence threatens him,
his fragile masculinity, his self-image,
so the only way he could resolve that
was to beat the crap out of me."

Faster Blaster snorted. "He
should get a therapist, like
a normal person," he said.

"Yeah, well, he sees me as
a kind of boundary marker.
We queers keep everyone
straight, as we whores keep
matrons virtuous," said Amando.
"And you know how some people
like to shoot at the road signs."

Faster Blaster, who had shot at
plenty of road signs in his time,
suddenly felt a bit guilty for it.

"You deserve better," he said.

"That's what I have you for,"
said Amando. "You are
the first person to stick up
for me and make it count."

"I'm glad I could be there,"
said Faster Blaster. "Okay,
here's the gas station."

As he opened the door,
a bell jingled overhead.

"What can I do for you?"
the clerk said cheerfully.

"Ice," Faster Blaster said,
lifting Amando's wrist.

"Again?" the clerk said.

"Yeah, but I'm learning
to block," Amando said.

The clerk filled a shop rag
with ice from the drink machine
and handed it to Amando. "Did
you call the cops this time?"

"No need," Faster Blaster said,
showing his teeth. "I just had
a little talk with the culprit.
I don't think we'll be seeing
him around here anymore."

At least, not if that guy didn't
want to see his last three meals
make a sudden U-turn again.

"Then I'm glad somebody's
making the neighborhood
a safer place," the clerk said.

"Yeah, me too," Amando said,
leaning against Faster Blaster.

There was nothing sexual in it,
regardless of how the boy dressed
or worked. It was just ... comfortable.
Trusting, even, as he sought comfort
from someone who protected him.

Faster Blaster really didn't understand
what made some people flip out over
gay men, or prostitutes, or both.

It was one form of abjection
he had no patience with.

* * *


Hector Dickman -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and black hair buzzed short. He is tall and sturdy. He used to be athletic but has largely slacked off, so he's gaining a layer of fat. He grew up in a military family with rigid expectations and little affection. Hector joined the Army straight out of high school and spent two years there. After combat injuries, he couldn't requalify for mental reasons, and was discharged as unfit for duty. He suffers from poor impulse control, mood issues, and erratic executive function. The Army only pays half his tuition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he studies Construction Management with a minor in Music Appreciation. Hector works part-time in construction to make up the rest, and struggles to stay afloat. This makes him jealous of other people, especially those in better-paying and/or easier jobs. He is homophobic with a habit of gaybashing. Hector wears a string around his right wrist in memory of a buddy killed in combat. He still dresses in military-type clothes, with a lot of olive and camouflage shirts and pants. He enjoys classical and other historic music.
Qualities: Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Patriotic, Good (+2) Teamwork, Good (+2) Woodworking
Poor (-2) Homophobe
Motto: "It's safer to love the dead than the living."

Construction Management
at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Requirements for the Degree (Lincoln Campus)
PHYS 141 Elementary General Physics I 5
CNST 131 Introduction to the Construction Industry 1
ENGL 151 Writing and Argument 3
MATH 104 Applied Calculus 3
ENGR 10 Freshman Engineering Seminar 0
ACE Elective
Choose one course from not yet satisfied ACE outcomes 5, 7, or 9
HIST 110 AMERICA TO 1877 (ACE 5) 3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15

CNST 112 Construction Communications 3
PHYS 142 Elementary General Physics II 5
JGEN 200 Technical Communication I 3
STAT 218 Introduction to Statistics 3
ACE Elective
Choose one course from not yet satisfied ACE outcomes 5, 7, or 9
Credit Hours Subtotal: 17

CNST 241 Horizontal Construction 3
CNST 251 Construction Materials and Specifications 3
CNST 252 Construction Materials and Testing 3
CIVE 221 / CONE 221 Geometric Control Systems 3
CNST 225 Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3
ENGR 20 Sophomore Engineering Seminar 0
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15

CNST 242 Vertical Construction 3
COMM 286 Business and Professional Communication 3
ACCT 200 Accounting for Business Decisions 3
ECON 200 Economic Essentials and Issues 3
ACE Elective
Choose one course from not yet satisfied ACE outcomes 5, 7, or 9
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15

CNST 378 / CONE 378 Construction Estimating I 3
CNST 305 / ARCH 333 Building Environmental Technical Systems I 3
ARCH 331 Structural Mechanics 3
CNST 444 Construction Site Safety Management 3
MNGT 300 Management Essentials For Contemporary Organizations 3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15

CNST 379 Construction Estimating II 3
CNST 306 Electrical Systems 3
ARCH 332 Structural Optimization 3
BLAW 300 Business, Government & Society 3
FINA 300 Financial Decision Making 3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15

CNST 485 Construction Planning, Scheduling, and Controls 3
CNST 476 / CONE 476 Project Budgets and Controls 3
CNST 420 Professional Practice and Ethics 3
MRKT 300 Contemporary Marketing 3
Construction Management Elective
CNST 482 Heavy and/or Civil Construction 3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 15

CNST 489 Senior Construction Project 3
CNST 480 Productivity and Human Factors in Construction 3
Senior Seminar 1
Construction Management Elective
CNST 488 Residential Construction and Real Estate 3
Technical/Design Elective
CNST 434 The Design-Build Project Delivery System 3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 13
Total Credit Hours 120
Course List

Achievement Centered Education Courses and Outcomes

In Terramagne, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has more music minors. Plan B is Music Appreciation with Instrument Option and Plan C is Music Appreciation with no requirement of performance. No audition is required for these minors; anyone can take them. The electives generally focus on music history or culture more than performance.

Students must audition for Glenn Korff School of Music faculty for acceptance as a minor in music.

Plan B Minor in Music Appreciation with Instrument Option -- 18 credits

Applied music (MUAP) courses, 1 credit hour per semester (4 credits)

MUAP102 Piano
Applied studio instruction in Piano
This course is a prerequisite for: MUAP 202; MUSC 250
Credit Hours: 1-2
Max credits per semester: 2
Max credits per degree: 4
Grading Option: Graded
Groups: Applied Music
Course details

MUAP 202 Piano
Prerequisites: 4 credit hours of MUAP 102
Applied studio instruction in Piano
This course is a prerequisite for: MUAP 302
Credit Hours: 1-2
Max credits per semester: 2
Max credits per degree: 4
Grading Option: Graded
Groups: Applied Music
Course details

MUAP302 Piano
Prerequisites: 4 credit hours of MUAP 202
Applied studio instruction in Piano
Credit Hours: 1-3
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 6
Grading Option: Graded
Course details

MUAP402 Piano
Applied studio instruction in Piano
Credit Hours: 1-3
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 9
Grading Option: Graded
Course details

MUDC ensemble courses, 1 credit hour per semester (See List of Approved Ensembles on Major page) (4 credits)
Students who do not participate in ensembles need to make up those 4 credits with electives.

MUSC 165 Music Theory I 3
MUSC 165A Aural Skills I 1

Select 6 credits of Music Electives of the following: 6
MUNM 276G The Music Experience
MUNM 301 Music and Sports: Performance and Perception
Total Credit Hours 18


MUSC477A Piano Literature Seminar - Baroque/ClassicalCrosslisted with MUSC 877A
Literature for solo piano.
Credit Hours: 3
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 3
Grading Option: Graded with Option
Course details

MUSC 165
Description: Beginning fundamentals of music. Beginning theory (notation, rhythm, and meter, pitch and melody, harmony and form). Normally taken with MUSC 131, MUSC 160, MUSC 165A as the beginning of the music core curriculum.
Credit Hours: 3
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 3
Grading Option: Graded
Prerequisite for: MUSC 166; MUSC 166A
Groups: Core Curriculum

MUSC365 Music History and Literature I
Prerequisites: MUSC 266
Open to music majors only.
Music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. An examination of style and social context from Gregorian chant through the mid-eighteenth century.
This course is a prerequisite for: MUSC 366
Credit Hours: 3
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 3
Grading Option: Graded with Option
Course details

MUSC366 Music History and Literature II
Prerequisites: MUSC 365.
Music of the Classic and Romantic eras and the twentieth century. Style and social context from mid-eighteenth century to the present.
This course is a prerequisite for: MUSC 64; MUSC 445
Credit Hours: 3
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 3
Grading Option: Graded
Groups: Core Curriculum
Course details

* * *

"Homophobia's just one form of abjection, and wherever you have a marker of deviance -- skin colour, gender, gender identity, disability -- you get the same mechanisms of prejudice."
-- Hal Duncan

"Homosexuality was invented by a straight world dealing with its own bisexuality. But finding this difficult, and preferring not toadmit it, it invented a pariah state, a leper colony for the incorrigible whose very existence, when tolerated openly, was admonition to all. We queers keep everyone straight as whores keep matrons virtuous."
-- Kate Millett

In a fleet of ambulances, Terramagne-America typically subdivides them by type. The drunk transport or "drunk truck" is equipped with Sober-Up patches, Narcan, and first aid supplies to treat alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, and other substance abuse issues. It can also handle other low-level calls, saving the Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support for more complex calls. The minimalist interior makes it faster and easier to clean, compared with a fully-equipped ambulance. This ensures that intoxicated people get to a safe place, whether they only need a friend to sit with them or need a doctor.

See the exterior and interior of the Lincoln drunk transport.

Note that while it makes a great fashion statement, a metal cock ring is not the best option for sexy funtimes. Stretchy or removable rings are safer and more versatile.

Chuckie's Tummy Tabs -- the most popular brand of gel tabs for treating moderate nausea, made from a transdermal gel usually stuck behind the ear where it absorbs through the skin. A whole one is enough to make some people drowsy, but they can be cut in half.

The Kinsey scale, also called the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale,[1] is used in research to describe a person's sexual orientation based on one’s experience or response at a given time. The scale typically ranges from 0, meaning exclusively heterosexual, to a 6, meaning exclusively homosexual. In both the male and female volumes of the Kinsey Reports, an additional grade, listed as "X", indicated "no socio-sexual contacts or reactions".

(These links are distressing.)
Homophobes share common traits. They are often, though not always, closeted queer themselves -- a form of boomerang bigot. Their fragile masculinity makes them feel threatened by other people's differences.

(These links are disturbing.)
Homophobia can lead to gaybashing. Try to minimize the risk of getting hurt in a fight. Gaybashing is under-reported because many queerfolk have had negative interactions with police. Some activists recommend learning self-defense, but this may not help with gaybashing. Queer-defense classes may account for such challenges, as in this krav maga class that addresses multiple opponents. Other activists recommend heavy weaponry instead. On a wider scale, society should take steps to reduce violence against queerfolk. Faster Blaster is of the opinion that gaybashers are legitimate targets who should be stopped with as much force as necessary.

(Messy medical details ahead.)
Conventional first aid for bruising is pretty minimal. Fortunately, alternative medicine offers better options, like Bruise Strain & Tear Repair with arnica and comfrey. You can also find it in the Injury Repair Kit. Alternating painkillers that work in different ways is a good way to reduce the risk of side effects, and if they're addictive, also minimize the chance of dependence.
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