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Today is beautiful, sunny and mild with a light breeze.

I fed the birds.  Lots of house finches out today.

We shoveled ash out of the firepit.  Later I plan to lay a core and then start piling brush in it. 

EDIT 8/19/20 -- I set up the core of larger sticks for air flow, then began adding brush to the firepit.

I saw a recently-emerged cicada, still pale green and soft.  :D  Cicada song is the sound of summer!

EDIT 8/19/20 -- I picked up sticks on the patio and dumped them in the firepit.

EDIT 8/19/20 -- I broke up more brush and added it to the firepit.

There is a reddish-brown orb weaver spinning a web near the gate to the ritual meadow.  \o/
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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