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Notes for "Perfetta Vita"

Here are the notes for "Perfetta Vita."

This sprawling manor house has three stories plus a basement. One wing has the public parts of the house plus a penthouse apartment for the boss. The other wing has six smaller apartments for staff.

This 2-story villa has a wraparound pergola. The basement has a rec room. The living room, dining room, kitchen, powder room, and office are on the main floor. Upstairs are two medium-size bedrooms and a third smaller one that used to be a nursery but works great for a bodyguard because it is connected to one of the bedrooms. They share a common bathroom.

This 3-story farmhouse is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and scrubland. It has a dovecote with a teleport pad on the roof, and a partially finished basement. The third floor has four bedrooms.

This is the modest villa where Cuoio moves after the household gets too big for the little one-bedroom cottage he currently has. See the exterior.

The house is built on a slope, like many Italian buildings, so it is two stories in front and three in back. Sliding doors open onto the deck from the rec room and bedroom in the basement. The boiler room in the basement has been replaced by a safe room. On the ground floor, the smaller garage is a workshop and weapons storage. The upper floor has two bedrooms and access to the attic.

The entertainment center and couch are in the lefthand corner of the rec room, adjacent to the exercise room. The wine table is along the back wall of the rec room. Sliding doors open to the outside. The wet bar and fireplace are along the righthand wall of the rec room, adjacent to Bedroom 3. This vineyard painting is over the sink. The wine cellar has built-in racks. The guest bedroom has a simple king-size bed.

On the main floor, the dining room has an expandable table. The breakfast room offers more space with a smaller table. This is the later mosaic floor. The game room includes tables for pool and poker. The kitchen has an island. The great room features a fireplace. The double doors in the master bedroom lead into the office. The master bedroom has big closets.

Upstairs, Pomarola's bedroom has mahogany furniture. Duraturo's bedroom set is much simpler.

A swimming pool fills most of the yard on one side. Plantings around its fringe all but obscure the neighboring house.

Behind the house lies a small patch of lawn, a private garden, and a larger area of scrubland. It looks out over the farms and olive groves that border the town. The farm closest to Cuoio's house has a big red barn, and the farmhouse is on the far side of that so not visible here. Between that and the yard are several small outbuildings, the closest of which is a goatherd's cottage, although the current goatherd doesn't live there. So Ahar rents that cottage, which is an easy walk along a goat track to the garden. He likes it because goats make him laugh. Of the other two outbuildings visible, the one at the edge of the forest is a shed for the goats and the one closest to the barn is a cheese aging shed.

The orchard contains a variety of citrus including oranges, lemons, limes, chinotto, and bergamot. The community garden grows fruits and vegetables. Residents of the neighborhood can either pay a fee or work a certain number of hours in order to enjoy them.

The neighbor behind the house is an Ethiopian woman who keeps a herd of goats. The goats have simple climbing structures and more complex castles. Their browsing keeps the brush from overgrowing the area.

Choosing a home requires knowing what you need, not just want you want. Here are some tips on picking a floor plan.

Pomarola's pink dress is from the original mourning wardrobe that Cuoio brought her on the first evening, although more has been added since then.
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