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Walkable Value

Check out the value of walkable neighborhoods over unwalkable neighborhoods.  Walkability isn't just charming and healthy, it is massively more profitable.

Merely adding a retail floor under apartments will not necessarily create a walkable neighborhood.  If it's not well connected and safe, people won't walk there.  If it's too expensive, nobody will rent it.  Developers often build a "ghost floor" simply because it's required to land a contact, without ever expecting it to be filled.  I've seen this around here and it's depressing.  Honestly, they'd be better off just giving the space to residents to use however they want; a thrifted social area would be better than empty windows.  On the other hoof, you can't use what's not there.  If the neighborhood ever becomes more walkable, those spaces will be ready and waiting for businesses to fill them, which is kind of a good thing.
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