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Notes for "Take Down the Master's House"

Here are the notes for "Take Down the Master's House."

Knock-R -- a zetetic street drug designed to increase fertility in females. Unfortunately, it has a variety of dangerous side effects, such as allergic and autoimmune reactions. It can damage the reproductive organs and disrupt hormonal balances. It also causes some people to manifest animal traits. The vast majority of those come from domestic animals used to create the drug; one version uses such as rabbits and pigs, another dogs and cats. However, some others including both domestic and wild animals have been reported. Most manifestations happen to the user, but it substantially raises the chance of giving birth to an infant with animal traits, and there are even a few cases of it affecting a user's male sexual partner. This is one of the few street drugs with documentation of a lasting benefit: in about 20% of women who were infertile due to inability or difficulty in producing enough healthy eggs, the problem is cured permanently. Because of this, it retains high street value despite the risks -- many infertile women will do anything to get pregnant. The FDA is going nuts trying to control it well enough to avoid mayhem, while researchers scramble to retro-engineer a version safe enough to earn approval. Knock-R was invented by Carl Bernhardt.

Compare the situation here with the discussion in "Targets for Their Own Self-Hatred" regarding use of Nazi materials. In this case, the drugs are available as well as the captured lab notes. There are active users who may seek medical attention, and animal testing could also be done. Because study would not rely solely on unreliable data from mad scientists, reliable science could be achieved. This then shifts the issue from practical (usability) to ethical (Is it acceptable to use material gained through evil ways? Is it acceptable to leave problems untreated because treating them would require delving into dire content?). Unsurprisingly the characters have split over this.

Infertility can have many causes. Sometimes one solution can fix several of them, while others need individualized solutions.

Hot topics are difficult to discuss rationally, but are difficult or impossible to resolve without it. Here are tips for speakers and facilitators.

While the Jews were the most famous victim group, the Nazis hated a lot of people and had many other targets. The very act of gathering them all together as beneficiaries of free fertility care is a direct strike against the Nazi principles of bigotry and division.

Coping skills help people handle difficult issues without melting down. In T-America, when things heat up, someone usually notices and suggests ways of defusing the tension.
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