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Notes for "The Best Understanding of Their Differences"

These are the notes for "The Best Understanding of Their Differences."

Vidal Darden -- He has light copper skin, brown eyes, and short dark hair with a mustache and beard. His heritage is American, Chitimacha, French, and Hispanic. He speaks English, Louisiana French, and Spanish. Vidal is a gengineer who enjoys quiet challenges. He is currently trying to create candy-colored cats that will keep their bright coats as adults and pass them on to offspring. Observant and patient, he makes a good boss. His shoestring budget sometimes causes problems, though, as in locating his lab in a flood zone.
Origin: His abilities grew in slowly.
Uniform: He wears comfortable men's clothes, sometimes with a lab coat thrown over the top. He doesn't really care how he looks.
Qualities: Good (+2) Constitution, Good (+2) Gengineer, Good (+2) Observant, Good (+2) Patient, Good (+2) Quiet
Poor (-2) Shoestring Budget
Powers: Average (0) Super-Intellect
Motivation: For the challenge.

Aquiles Casales -- He has praline skin, brown eyes, and wavy brown hair buzzed short. His heritage is Mexican. He speaks English and Spanish. He grew up in a rough part of Mexico. He is 23 years old in 2015. When Aquiles was 16, the narcoleros killed his family. He fled north and settled in America at 17. He is terrified of being caught and deported. He can't fit in and is lonely, so he takes whatever work he can get, often illegal or at least questionable. Currently Aquiles works in a mad science lab caring for crayon cats. Humble and industrious, he makes a good lab assistant. He never really feels at home anywhere, let alone safe. The cats help, though. Aquiles tends to wear blue-collar men's clothes in dark colors that all match.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cat Lover, Good (+2) Humble, Good (+2) Industrious, Good (+2) Lab Assistant, Good (+2) Naturalistic Intelligence
Poor (-2) Undocumented Immigrant

The Emotional Wound Thesaurus, "Being Forced to Leave One's Homeland,"
p. 148-149

Narcoleros -- drug lords, drug runners

Orain Coldsmith -- He has tawny skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair with a mustache and beard. He is tall with wiry muscles. Orain lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He serves on the fire department and teaches teamwork activities. His upbeat personality makes him popular in both. As a hobby, Orain enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking and rock climbing.  He tends to dress in rugged clothes, mostly shades of blue and gray.
Qualities: Good (+2) Fireman, Good (+2) Outdoor Sports, Good (+2) Positive Thinking, Good (+2) Teamwork

* * *

"The happiest couples never have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences."
-- Couple Quotes

"A great relationship isn’t when a perfect couple comes together, but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences."
-- Couple Quotes

"What we have nobody has to understand but you and me."
-- Couple Quotes

"Our journey isn’t perfect, but it’s ours… And I’ll stick with you ’til the end."
-- Couple Quotes

The Kenneth H. Cooper Municipal Fitness Park, or Cooper Park for short, is shared among the police, fire, paramedic, and other first responder crews. It includes forest and savannah with climbing trees and structures. There are miles of dirt trails as well as wide, paved paths for jogging or bicycling. Benches provide seating, but are also sturdy enough to climb on. Scattered throughout the park are several workout stations with different calisthenic equipment. Bridges have underpasses for drainage that can be used as crawlways when the water is low enough. A pond provides space for swimming and water rescue practice.

The park has three large pavilions. Each includes picnic tables, a charcoal grill, a garbage can, and a water faucet.

See the crayon kittens.

Terramagne-America often names flowers or flower collections after artists.  I was able to find some matches, but still had to make one substitution.

Elias van den Broeck (1649-1708, in Amsterdam) was a Dutch flower painter from the Golden Age.  Van Den Broeck tulip collections typically contain a mix of shapes and pastel colors, as in this early spring collection.

Rembrandts are vivid bicolor tulips with flame markings, usually high contrast, but there are pastels too.  They bloom mid-season.

This Monet collection features sun-colored tulips blooming at the very end of the season.

This is a great icebreaker for a refresher course where participants may be experienced, but come from different service areas. Have each student stand and introduce themselves, have them give the class one example of something (an idea, a treatment, a policy, a protocol) from an EMS service outside their area that is either really great or really strange. Allow time for discussion of the ideas to give students the opportunity to see the variety of problem-solving solutions different agencies employ. Students may discover that what some find strange, others may use on a regular basis.

If your pair consists of two physically fit people, try the “Standing” activity. The pair sits back-to-back in the middle of an open room. By using verbal commands and physical movements, the pair must reach a standing position. This exercise improves coordination between partners and helps develop a sense of coordination between the pair.

With gloves on and after a cardio workout, firefighters are placed before bowls of nuts and bolts of various sizes. Their task is to assemble them all and place them in order of size outside the bowls. A variation on this is having nut-and-bolt combinations separated into different bowls.

Control, focus, and a certain amount of patience and cooperation is required amid the competition. After the exercise, discussion quickly turns to different types of gloves and which ones work best.

Ideas and opinions flow freely and a simple drill quickly expands into areas such as extrication, hazmat and forcible entry.

Look for any level of frustration exhibited by tired and stressed firefighters and how it was handled individually and collectively. Look for the point where competition turned into cooperation
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