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Poem: "Dyed in the Wool"

This was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman. It belongs to the series Arts and Crafts America.

"Dyed in the Wool"

[February, 2020]

From shearing to wash
To the big carding comb
Goes wool that won't leave
This old farm you call home.

The roving is spun
Into yarn soft and fine,
Its tension just so
As the fibers entwine.

The yarn is now dunked
In the warm vat of dye
Then over the line
Where it hangs 'til it's dry

With sticks and with clicks
Comes the sock-knitting craze
That makes things with string
Over hours and days.

It's magic that takes
Neither potions nor rhymes
If you wave your hands ...
Just a few thousand times.

With all of the time
And the toil it brings
Just what does it mean
That you're making such things

From wool you first touched
When it's still on the sheep
Whose whole family tree
You could say in your sleep?

Perhaps it's a piece
Of the soul of your lands
These stockings whose wool
Never once left your hands

Or maybe it shows
The one you're thinking of
The very last piece
Of the puzzle is love.

The barn is shut tight
And the lambing pen's full --
The song of your heart
Will be dyed in the wool.
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