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Jalfrezi Curry Sauce

Today we tried Patak's Jalfrezi Curry Simmer Sauce with shrimp. 

This is supposed to be a coconut-tomato sauce with mild chiles.  It's a lot spicier than most of the other curries, with a bright and surprisingly fruity flavor.  (If you like fruity curry that is spicy but not volcanic, this is a good choice.  Want it hotter?  Throw in a Carolina reaper or other fruity hot pepper.)  I didn't catch the coconut at all.  While our first effort was merely okay, it wasn't as good as the egg curry or the mutter paneer.

However, it got me thinking about other possibilities.  My first thought was to add coconut milk to bring in that flavor and moderate the spice level.  While I was waffling over whether that made it worth trying again, I thought of adding pineapple chunks.  That would pick up the fruity flavors, cut the heat a little more, and we both like the combination of pineapple-coconut-shrimp.  So we're going to get another jar of this and try again.

EDIT 8/7/20 -- We remade this several days ago as Hawaiindian Curry, using the coconut milk and pineapple, which turned out quite well.
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