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Searching for a Rainbow

EDIT: Found!  \o/

I got a prompt for rainbow people, and it reminded me of a story by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer about a kindergarten class temporarily turned crayon colors. I always intended to revisit that, but now neither of us can find it. >_< [personal profile] dialecticdreamer adds:

It's a little story at the dinner table, in NC, with Drew, Simon, and Tolli. An elementary school in NC with protesters sparked the incident.

It's posted, I am nearly sure.

I do think that it's one of the ones that I can't go back and edit due to
a UTF encoding error, way back in year 1 or 2 of this whole dance

Does anyone else remember this?  If so, can you provide the title, the text, or a link to where it's posted?

Tags: fantasy, fiction, poetry, reading, writing

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