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Notes for "Those Who've Been in the Well"

Here are the notes for "Those Who've Been in the Well."

Captain Kelvin (Kelvin Devolski) -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. He wears glasses. Kelvin is among the generation of 1980s schoolkids who began manifesting superpowers at school age and spooked adults into trying to ban superkids from school. He is most famous for building a giant robot and riding it into town to tear down his school building. It's the source of people criticizing bullies or other social problems with, "This is what leads to kids riding to school on a fifty-foot robot with Laser Eyes."
Origin: Kelvin's superpowers grew in during his childhood, beginning at Average for both, with Super-Intelligence increasing to Expert and Super-Gizmology to Good.
Uniform: He favors casual, comfortable, geeky clothes instead of anything fashionable. As an adult, he has a set of Super-Armor for combat occasions.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Nerd, Good (+2) Activist, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Intimidation
Poor (-2) Unpopular
Powers: Expert (+4) Super-Intelligence, Good (+2) Super-Gizmology
Motivation: To beat down the bullies.
Equipment: Good (+2) Giant Robot with Good (+2) Laser Eyes
Expert (+4) Super-Armor with Good (+2) Super-Strength, Average (0) Flight, and Average (0) Invisibility

Kelvin as a Boy

Kelvin as a Man

Whitevan (Jadrien Clare) -- He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. He lives in the San Francisco suburb of Westbord. Whitevan works for the Westbord branch of SPOON, transporting superheroes all over California and sometimes elsewhere in the western United States. He has excellent memory for places and can visualize even ones he's never been to accurately enough to teleport there. He's one of those people that SPOON talked into becoming a superhero, and now he has all the passion of a true convert. Whitevan has an annoying habit of keeping score when he gets the better of a supervillain. He'll shout "15-love!" and teleport away.
Origin: At a high school tennis competition, a rival attempted to take him out of competition by spiking his water bottle. Instead of making him too sick to play, it gave him superpowers. However, popping around the court disqualified Jadrien from the sport, forever. He's still upset about that. And they never did find out who did that to him.
Uniform: Trendy menswear, usually in light colors.
Qualities: Good (+2) Dodging, Good (+2) Tennis Player, Good (+2) Trendy, Good (+2) Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Poor (-2) Judgment
Powers: Good (+2) Teleportation
He can only travel about 800 miles at a time, but he can carry up to 15 passengers in reasonable comfort.
Motivation: To carry the day.

white-van man
Someone who drives a nondescript white van for work,especially when driving in aggressive, reckless, ordangerous ways. Alludes to the perception of suchdrivers (typically male) being ignorant or rude. I used to cycle to work, but after nearly being knocked over three separate times by white-van men, I decided to start taking the bus.
-- The Free Dictionary

* * *

"Most often, those who’ve been in the well are those most likely to pull others out of the well…When Jack Canaday was twelve years old he was once in the well…Now, twenty-one years later, Jack has an opportunity to reach down and help others out of the well…"
Randolph Randy Camp, Wet Matches

It follows the poems "Those Who Are With You," "There I See the Kraken Rising," and "The Best Richness."

See a map of San Franciso neighborhoods.

In Terramagne-Bayview, the history of industrial and nuclear use (not to mention a few mad science labs) left residues that run up the rate of manifestation in the neighborhood. It retains a black majority (about 60%), but has later seen influxes of Hispanic (18%) and Asian (12%) residents. More of the historic black-owned facilities have survived. Extreme poverty, crime, and other problems make it unpleasant to live there. In local-San Francisco, much of the southeast qualifies as a food desert; the area is small in T-San Francisco but still includes Bayview.

As a neighborhood of color, Bayview has received little funding and care. That's changing, but T-America rarely allows wholesale razing of neighborhoods, so the improvements are patchier and fraught with arguments. Many current establishments have been renovated from former factories, warehouses, or other shells to create new uses. People use community gardening and activism to foster neighborhood spirit. T-America also resists gentrification better than here, through methods from building mixed-income housing to guaranteeing residents of previous buildings a slot in new buildings at their former rent.

Compare with local-Bayview.

In T-America, the former Barbary Coast Garage owned by Kraken was turned into a Triton Teen Center.

Barbary Coast Garage
1425 Yosemite Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

The Bayview Triton Teen Center is made from a renovated garage. It has a half-wild garden in the back. See a partial floor plan showing the program areas. Note that the retention of brick, concrete, and other hard surfaces is not just industrial aesthetic or unwillingness to spend money. Such surfaces are more durable against many superpowers, and thus safer in this locale.

The serving counter and kitchen for the café are just inside the entrance. The café area is backed by a row of lockers. It has tables and chairs for dining.

Tunnels of corrugated metal provide creative access between areas. This one looks into the social recreation area, which includes a pool table and other attractions.

The media and game room includes a viewscreen. Gaming hideways have video game equipment.

The girls' locker room has red accents. The boys' locker room has blue accents. The universal locker room is multicolor. The dotties are gray with multicolor accents.

The Fitness Center includes free weights, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, a power lifting rack, StairMasters, recumbent bikes, a cable resistance machine, TRXs, medicine balls, benches, climbing ropes, heavy bags, and a large treadwall.

The half-court gym also includes a raised stage for music. Not visible in the picture, the base actually contains a forcefield generator to protect anything on the stage.

The bowling alley contains two lanes.

A studio with a mirrored wall provides space for yoga, dance, aerobics, and other activities.

The Healthy Touch Room offers a variety of massage, hug therapy, and other bodywork along with relaxing options such as aromatherapy and crystals. Clients have the option of a private session, a spotter, or working with the door open. Most teens choose to come with a friend.

The Spinning Studio is under the academic classroom.

The Music Studio has a Practice Room with drums, keyboards, and other instruments. On the walls you can see sound-absorbing panels. The Control Room is thoroughly soundproofed.

The Quiet Room has all kinds of beanbags and cushions for relaxing, along with light toys other fidgets for sensory play.

This classroom has stationary computers, along with tablets that teens can check out to use.

The Conference Room has a long table with chairs.

Read "The New Colossus."

Read "Fifty Feet and Climbing."
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