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Today is sunny, breezy, and warm.

I fed the birds.

My baby barn swallows have fledged. \o/  I saw them one last time this morning, and they had kicked down the sides of the nest so only a little of the bottom cup remained that they were still clinging to.  Now they're all gone.  I feel very accomplished, even though I did none of the work -- other than providing a yard full of bugs to feast on. 

EDIT 7/10/20 -- The air has cooled off some.  I watered plants and trimmed weeds alongside the house.

EDIT 7/10/20 -- We picked up brush from the prairie garden.  Then I trimmed more weeds alongside the house.

EDIT 7/10/20 -- I trimmed more weeds alongside the house and then picked up sticks in the house yard.  

Lots of fireflies in the south lot tonight, including some flashing in waves.  I saw a couple of toads too.  :D
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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