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Nut'n'Seed Butter

Today we made nut'n'seed butter in the Vitamix.  (my_partner_doug was right: that thing really is useful.)  We found that the raw nuts roasted faster than the listed time, so if you roast your own, keep a sharp eye on them.  They creamed down to a very smooth butter.  I'm pretty sure this is the best textured homemade nut paste I've had.  (It has a lot of failure modes.)  Adding a few chia seeds doesn't change much, but at the 2 tablespoons level I found them sticking in my teeth.  If this bothers you then remove, replace, or reduce them.  The flavor is just sort of generically nutlike; it doesn't taste like peanut butter, but neither are any of the components recognizable, which is a bit disappointing.  However, if you can't have peanut butter and can have other tree nuts, this is a great substitute.  Add salt SLOWLY.  One of our nuts was already salted, but the butter was bland, so I added 1/4 teaspoon instead of the 1/2 teaspoon recommended, and it was saltier than I wanted.  I should've added it by pinches.  I used Himalayan mineral salt for nutrients and flavor.

Overall, the result is agreeable but not spectacular, particularly considering the amount of labor and expensive fancier nuts going into it.  But all it contains is what we put into it, which today is a big plus, and the mix of ingredients delivers more nutrients and fiber compared to a single nut butter.  We'll try it in a smoothie at some point.  I expect it would work great in foodcookies or powerballs, or otherwise as an ingredient replacing peanut butter.  We may tinker with the ingredients -- for instance, I'm curious whether increasing a fancy nut (like the Brazils), adding one honey-roasted nut type or some spices would punch up the flavor.  We love honey-roasted peanut butter and have made candied nuts many times.  I imagine this would be a most excellent base for nut curry.  *ponder*  And people make meat sauces from nuts, so that would make masala stick to things and that gives me further ideas to try.

A very interesting experiment, worth trying if you like nut/seed butters.
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