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Poem: "Everything That Blooms"

This is the linkback perk poem for the June 2, 2020 Poetry Fishbowl, originally hosted by Dreamwidth user Dialecticdreamer. It was inspired by the "Blossom" square in my 4-1-20 card for the Spring Fest Bingo.  This poem belongs to the Arts and Crafts America series.

"Everything That Blooms"

[April 2020]

She is allergic to everything that blooms.

She loves flowers of every kind, but
she is allergic to everything that blooms.

Someone suggests silk flowers,
but they feel stiff and artificial.
They just make her sad.

She doesn't even try embroidery:
it's sharp, instead of soft.

Then she discovers painting.

In watercolors, she finds
every flower in the world.

She surrounds herself
with books of flowers
and flower gardens.

She learns how to garden
in her imagination, creating
flowerbeds that spill around
imaginary mansions.

* * *


Painting flower gardens is popular for arts and crafts.  Read instructions for watercolor.  Browse some famous garden paintings.

[To be continued ...]
Tags: art, cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, writing

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