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Another Poetry Poll and Discussion

There is currently $52 in the general donation fund for poetry. Most of the "custom pricing" epics from April's fishbowl fall within that range:

Pawsoldiers -- $28
A Doe in Velvet -- $36
The Odd Trio -- $43.50
The Sword from the Foundling House -- $44

I'm inclined to throw in this one because it's only one dollar short:
The Henchmen's Hitch -- $53

Also worth noting is that this one is only $12 short, so if anyone is super fond of it and wants to kick in enough to put it on the voting list:
Where Have All the Heroes Gone / Different Gifts -- $64

Now here's the discussion: This is the first time the general fund has held enough to cover a custom-priced poem; those usually get published here only when someone sponsors them specifically. So, would you rather get the biggest possible poem (like "The Sword from the Foundling House" or "The Henchmen's Hitch") or would you prefer to get a shorter epic (like "Pawsoldiers" or "A Doe in Velvet") and still have room left for one or two of the normally priced poems?

The issue is complicated enough that I think it will work better as a discussion than a poll at this point. Feel free to include your reasons for favoring a particular poem, length, or combination.

And just to make things extra interesting ... I'm going to post the epics custom-locked for donors only. (If you contributed this month or last month, you'll be able to see them.) This is strictly temporary; I'll delete them after the decision is made regarding which poem(s) gets published.
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