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It's a beautiful day out, sunny and mild with a light breeze.  We got about an hour of drizzle last night, which helped a bit, but the ground is still dry and cracked.

I saw a barn swallow on the wing today!  :D  They have a nest under the overhang but I haven't caught a good look at the actual birds before.  This one was out over the driveway.  Several toads are hopping around too.

I fed the birds.  Several sparrows were dustbathing on the patio.

We cut brush in the ritual meadow.

Several things are blooming in pots: a pink petunia in the ruin garden, violas in pots on the patio, white alyssum and a few other things in the barrel garden.

EDIT 6/14/20 -- Round Two, I picked up sticks in the streetside yard, where a path has now been mowed.

EDIT 6/14/20 -- Round Three, I picked up sticks in the savanna.

I found a gut pile in the yard, probably rabbit, containing at least the large and small intestine, probably also stomach and liver, possibly heart.  <3 predators.

EDIT 6/14/20 -- Round Four, I cut weeds in the south lot.

EDIT 6/14/20 -- Round Five, I finished trimming grass under the sapling in the savanna.

EDIT 6/14/20 -- Round Six, I trimmed weeds in the forest garden.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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