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Everything old is new again.  Read the fall and rise of the housedress.  Most housedresses either had huge pockets (like the size of a tablet computer) or were intended to be worn under an apron that did.

Note that various things have been called a "housedress."  This type is for schlubbing around the house or neighborhood in comfortable clothes.  Another type is similar to a nightgown; this is not that.  A housecoat is more like a bathrobe, but sometimes people call it a housedress, though it isn't quite the same.

The historic tea dress was a related concept, meant to wear without a corset while entertaining guests at home.

See Linen Big Sale and the Vermont Apron Company for ideas.  Allfreesewing has many dress patterns.  Here's one for a summer lounge dress.  There are free apron patterns too.
Tags: crafts, gender studies, history
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