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Sunshine Challenge: Journal Housekeeping

In preparation for the [community profile] sunshine_challenge in July, the moderators recommend Journal Housekeeping. Now is a good time to update your parameters so everything is current. If you actually do the challenge later, you will find that some challenges are already complete, thus saving you time.

1. Transformative Works Policy + AO3 Profiles

Read my Transformative Works Policy.

Read my AO3 profile.

2. Friending Policy

Read my Friending Policy.

3. Sidebar + Profile Links

I have updated these.

4. Interests (in profile) + Introductory “About Me” Sticky Page

I have updated the list of interests in my Dreamwidth profile.

I do not use sticky posts, as I find it irritating to scroll past old information to reach new information. Static content appears in my profiles instead.

5. Master Lists

A Herculean and perhaps Sisyphean task that is not and probably never will be completely up to date. If you really want to know why, try typing my name or username into your favorite search engine, or just look at the numbers beside the Fiction and Poem tags in this blog. I am a much better writer than I am a recordkeeper.

That said, here are some places you can find my work. Warning: This content is flypaper for eyeballs! People have lost whole weekends to it, so I recommend browsing when you have plenty of time.

I run the Poetry Fishbowl on the first Tuesday of each month. Leave prompts, get poetry! See the tag and the landing page.

These are my book publications. The list of books published wholly under my name is complete. Appearances in other people's books, probably not.

The Serial Poetry page lists poems in my best guess of series-chronological order.

Start Here to explore the shared world of Schrodinger's Heroes.

Another of my shared worlds is The Blueshift Troupers.

Other shared worlds appear on this page.

Read my archive of articles about how crowdfunding works.

My AO3 works are here.

6. Post Tags

I use tags extensively on nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and personal posts.

7. Current Icons

They work. If I mess with them, they might stop working. This often happens when I touch anything electronic. Therefore I have skipped this step. I don't currently have a good online icon maker, nor is anyone doing a Free Icon Day event at present, so I don't often add icons now.

8. Access Filters

I don't use these. They're too much hassle and not something I need given how I use blogging.

My venues are ready for visitors! \o/
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