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Today is gray and mild.  It rained off and on last night, also earlier today, so everything is still wet.

I fed the birds.

Round One, I picked up a trolley full of sticks in the yard by the house.

Round Two, I picked up a trolley full of sticks in the south lot. 

EDIT 5/28/20 -- Round Three, I picked up a trolley full of sticks around the mulberry and bee trees near the house.

EDIT 5/28/20 -- Round Four, I tried to pick up sticks in the ritual meadow, but it still has standing water.  :/  So I gave up and did the strip along the street instead.

All along the western horizon, tall clouds are rising, with rain underneath them like long grey skirts.  It's very beautiful.

As it is getting dark, I am done for the night.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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