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Location notes for "Often the Beginning of Great Enterprises"

These are the location notes for "Often the Beginning of Great Enterprises."

Veg Out Vermont is a Community Supported Agriculture farm that sells shares and also runs a farm store. They specialize in exotic vegetables and unusual cultivars of common ones. They offer four seasons of salad mix along with many other options.

Shares are sized for 1, 2, or 4 people based on the recommended daily allowance of produce for one week. Deliveries rotate among different areas to distribute each day's harvest, with the extra going to the farmstand. Customers who want more than one basket per week can either sign up at different locations or pick up their shares at the farm.

Package options include salad mix only, all vegetables, all fruits, exotics, exotic cultivars of common produce, and all produce. Chicken meat and/or eggs can be added to any other package, and there's also a package for everything the farm sells. Canning Club is a slightly offset option for people who want to preserve food. It features fruit and vegetable varieties that ripen all at once for mass processing, and also soaks up leftovers of other varieties when they peak. Veg Out Vermont is especially famous for its courgette (baby zucchini) pickles, available year-round at the farmstand.

Some foods are available year-round; the farm has Spring Mix, Summer Mix, Autumn Mix, and Winter Mix salad fixings. Others are only available in certain seasons. Customers can choose which season(s) they want in their subscription. New customers are advised to try the farm for one season to see if they like it, before making a larger investment, so they often start with a season of salad or fruit. Because Veg Out Vermont serves all four seasons, they are always planting and harvesting something, with a gap after the winter holidays before they start the spring seeds in the greenhouses. This lets them offer shares year-round, with each season selling packages that will deliver in the following season.

The farmhouse is two stories tall. Inside, a foyer leads to the stairs. The great room includes the sitting area and dining area. The kitchen has a refrigerator, sink, and stove. The powder room includes a sink and toilet.

Upstairs, a landing leads to the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and office. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and bathtub (but no shower).

Outdoors, there is a sugar shack.

See the barn and its floor plan. A shed roof provides a sheltered place to work or store equipment. This door looks out over an outside wash area.

The inside has a heated wash area and a walk-in cooler.
Greenhouses stand beside the fields. A farmstand sells extra produce. This 4-person basket includes red and yellow beets, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, pink radishes, orange carrots, heirloom tomatoes, yellow summer squash, green zucchini, giant garlic, and red onions.

This chicken tractor holds several breeds of chickens for white and brown eggs. The Easter Eggers have their own coop. They typically lay blue to green eggs, sometimes pinkish or other colors.

Collingswood Music is in downtown Rutledge. Guitars and other stringed instruments fill much of the front. Folk instruments surround the checkout counter. Drums and other percussion have a whole corner. Brass and woodwinds hang on the wall. Keyboards offer a variety of options for electronic music. This section holds children's instruments.

One classroom is for children, the other for adults. A repair workshop occupies the back of the store.

The downstairs bathroom is under the stairs.

Upstairs, the tiny kitchen is rarely used. The dining room has been converted to an office with a bulletin board. The living room includes a piano with a collection of curiosities and an old mantelpiece. The master bedroom looks out over a park behind the row of buildings. The guest bedroom has abstract art. The upstairs bathroom includes a toilet, a sink with two faucets, and a bathtub with shower.

At City Hall, inside the Chamber of Commerce, the visitor center offers business cards, brochures, and other information about member businesses.

The Mayor's Office includes a desk and many guest chairs.
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