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Location notes for "Coming Together Is a Beginning"

These are the location notes for "Coming Together Is a Beginning."

The Kraken base called Bulldog Hall specializes in sheltering troubled youth. The large kitchen uses commercial equipment. The cafeteria has a self-serve line. The gymnasium provides space to eat, complete with folding tables for mealtimes. The gym also hosts events, such as this Robo Derby in which two robots try to push each other off a round platform.

The office area near the gym includes a consultation office, a boss office, and an open office.

The auditorium has a large stage, a movie screen, and theatre seating.

Hallways leading to classrooms are lined with lockers for storing school supplies. The Life Skills classroom has light panels along one wall, and acoustic panels on the ceiling. Cabinets and appliances line the walls, with assorted tables and chairs in the center. This general classroom has chairs, desks with built-in computer screens, a large viewscreen, and whiteboards. This computer classroom has chairs and long tables set with computers. Several whiteboards adorn the walls.

A row of discussion booths sits just outside the library. The library has tall and short bookcases, clusters of seating, and a café counter. Just beyond the café counter lies the enclosed dining room.

The quiet room has tables and chairs, a bookcase of self-help titles, a community bulletin board, and viewscreens.

Two different workrooms offer space to practice superpowers, each with different safety features. The Hard Room is made of smart concrete that can display images, but is durable enough to resist most superpowers. Loose parts include concrete blocks and metal pieces. The Soft Room is lined with colorful padding that can resist most superpowers and absorb force or energy to prevent richochets. Loose parts include Big Blue Blocks like these and pastel building blocks.

The teambuilding room includes all kinds of resources for group activities. It features games, toys, and equipment along with a library of teambuilding activities for fitness, STEMZ and other fields.

The combat training gym has exercise equipment and a matted area with sparring squares.

The game room includes a minibasketball toss, a ping-pong table, board games and tables, viewscreens for video games, a pool table, a shuffleboard table, two foosball tables, and so on.

There are dormitories in various configurations. Most have two or more bedrooms sharing a common room, with private and/or common bathrooms. However, some studio rooms have all the amenities together with only the bathroom walled off. This quad room has four beds divided by bookcases, along with an ensuite bathroom. This double room includes a kitchenette, storage shelves, two desks, two beds, and virtual window. It also has an ensuite bathroom opposite the kitchenette. This private room has a desk, bed, and ensuite bathroom. A typical ensuite includes a sink, toilet, and shower.

This common room includes closets, bookcases, couches, and light panels. Here is a kitchen-dining-living room all together.

This 1-bedroom apartment has a kitchen-dining-living room and a glass-walled bedroom for a more open feel.

This 2-bedroom apartment includes a kitchen-dining-living room, plentiful closets, a master bedroom with Murphy bed, and a second bedroom with a bunk bed.

The dorms share a laundry room.
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